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The Material Whirl: 01.05.13 — Seek new horizons

5 Jan

          01.05.13 Seek New Horizons RESIZED          01.05.13 (back) RESIZED


3-3/4″ x 4-3/4″, on recycled food packaging cardboard

The picture was inspired by the clipping shown above, which I have attached to the back, but unfortunately do not remember where it came from.  The clipping reads:  “Once upon a time, we believed that the world was flat — that beyond a certain point, there would be nowhere to go.  And though we now know the world is round, we still fear falling off imaginary edges, too often thinking there’s only so far we can stretch, so hard we can push.  The most dangerous limits are those in our own head.  When you feel you’re at your edge, look again.  You can go farther.”


The Material Whirl: 2012 holiday collage cards for sale

25 Dec
As the holiday season approaches, wouldn’t you love to send a beautiful miniature work of art to your special friends and family instead of a mass-produced boxed card?  Each of these cards consists of an original handmade postcard size collage affixed to a 5×7 blank greeting card with matching envelope, in a clear cellophane bag for protection.  Each collage is made in the unique Material Whirl style from recycled materials — no two are alike.  Send them as cards, or give as gifts!  All cards shown below are available for purchase unless otherwise indicated.
How to purchase:  All of these cards (plus others) are available for $5.00 each plus shipping at my Etsy shop, http://MaterialWhirlCollage.etsy.com.  (Your shipping will be refunded to you if you live close enough to me that I can deliver your purchases in person.)
I would also be happy to prepare any other available collage on the blog as a greeting card for you at the same price.  If interested, let me know via comment on that particular entry.
Thank you all for your friendship and support of my artwork, and I wish you all a happy holiday season and New Year!



The Material Whirl: 12.20.11 — Maroon Trees

20 Dec


Holiday collage affixed to a 6.5″ x 5″ greeting card

2011-20 maroon brocade trees RESIZED

The Material Whirl: 12.14.10 — One tea bag

14 Dec


Holiday collage affixed to a 6.5″ x 5″ greeting card


The Material Whirl: 12.13.10 — snake on stones

13 Dec


Holiday collage affixed to a 6.5″ x 5″ greeting card


The Material Whirl: 12.11.10 — Almost like winter

11 Dec


Holiday collage affixed to a 6.5″ x 5″ greeting card (blank inside)

If you are interested in purchasing this collage, please click on the “Buy it online” link up at the top.

The Material Whirl: 12.10.10 — wintry landscape

10 Dec


Holiday collage affixed to a 6.5″ x 5″ greeting card

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