Welcome to The Material Whirl, a collection of handmade collages by Florida artist Matthew Hoffman.  Each collage is made entirely from recycled paper including magazines, advertising, and dry packaging materials.  Wrinkles, creases, odd cuts, and ragged edges add to the unique appeal of this process.  Each collage is suitable for framing or affixing to a blank notecard; some (but not all) are blank enough on the back to be mailed as postcards.  All are for sale unless already marked sold or donated — visit my Etsy shop at http://MaterialWhirlCollage.etsy.com and my Big Cartel shop at http://thematerialwhirl.bigcartel.com to see what’s listed now.  If the collage you desire is not already listed online, please feel free to email me at matthew (at) fascinatingfiberz.com and we can arrange for your purchase in the manner you feel most comfortable with.  5×7 and 8×10 photographic reprints and reproduction notecards are available directly from me.  Visit the “Buy It Online” page for a link to Fine Art America, where you can purchase higher quality art prints on paper, canvas, and metal, as well as iPhone cases and 5×7 notecards.

All Material Whirl images copyright @ Matthew Hoffman


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