A word about copyright

Any work of art that is created by ripping up magazine pages, advertising, and old tourist literature is, by definition, going to contain bits of things whose copyrights may be owned by someone else.  I believe that using small pieces of someone else’s picture in a collage falls under the category of “fair use” similarly to using brief quotes from someone else’s writing.  If you recognize something of yours in one of these collages, email me at matthew (at) fascinatingfiberz.com and let’s talk.  I am very happy to give credit to the creators of identifiable images in any of my collages upon request, and even a link back to your website, but if that is not sufficient, will be happy to discuss altering a collage so that identifiable bits of your image are covered up and no longer visible.

Photos of identifiable people, dead or alive, will be removed at once upon request by the pictured individuals or someone legitimately speaking on their behalf — it is not my intent to upset people who find themselves or their family members appearing in a stranger’s artwork!  Please ask nicely and I will be happy to accommodate you — it is not necessary to start right out with a form letter from your lawyer.


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