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The Material Whirl: 01.19.12 — Place

19 Jan

6″ x 4″, on a backing of recycled cereal box cardboard

The second photo shows this collage framed, as it appeared in the Solivita Artisan Guild’s 2012 spring show in Poinciana, Florida.  (Custom frame by Greg Lewis of Growth Ring.)


The Material Whirl: 01.18.12 — BLACKOUT!

18 Jan

DONATED To the 2012 Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss Norway

6″ x 4″, on recycled cereal box cardboard

On January 18, 2012, websites from large to small blacked out their sites in solidarity for the fight against the SOPA legislation which was being considered in Congress.  I was unable to figure out how to black out a Posterous blog, where my collection was at the time, so I created a black collage instead.

This collage was submitted to the second Twitter art exhibit in Moss, Norway, where the sale of the submitted works raised money for the Women’s Crisis Center there.  For more information on the exhibit, see the original post by David Sandum (and the many comments) here:, and also search Twitter for the hashtag #twitterartexhibit.

If you are interested in seeing the collage that I submitted to the first #twitterartexhibit, you can find it here:

The Material Whirl: 01.17.12 — Say goodnight

17 Jan


4-3/8″ x 4-7/8″ on recycled cardboard from a granola bar box

The Material Whirl: 01.16.12 — Staircase

16 Jan

5″ x 4-3/8″, on recycled cereal box cardboard, with the reddish flower on the left projecting about another 1/8″

The feet, incidentally, belong to actor Peter Dinklage.  Click on his tag to see more of Mr. Dinklage on an earlier collage.

The Material Whirl: 01.15.12 — Hear Us

15 Jan

3-3/4″ x 5″, on recycled cereal box cardboard

(The foot belongs to the J.Crew model being eyed by Peter Dinklage a few collages back.  Aren’t those great socks?)

The Material Whirl: 01.14.12 — Broad side of a barn

14 Jan


4-1/4″ x 4-3/4″, on some heavier kind of cardboard (don’t remember where it came from)

The Material Whirl: 01.13.12 — Complex apartments

13 Jan


Irregularly shaped, but approximately 4″ x 5″, on recycled cereal box cardboard.

The images all came from one of those apartment rental advertising booklets that you pick up in supermarkets.  Take your pick.

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