The Material Whirl: 03.18.10 — Picasso disembodied

18 Mar

5-1/4″ x 4″, on recycled cereal box cardboard

This Picasso was part of a museum brochure.  I don’t know the name of the original painting — if you recognize it, please add a comment!  I broke my own rule here (that the papers in a collage needed to come from at least two sources), but I’m not a big fan of Picasso, so I couldn’t resist seeing if ripping one up and reassembling the pieces in a different order made the slightest difference to the finished product.  I leave it to you to judge.


There’s another “Picasso Disembodied” collage here.


One Response to “The Material Whirl: 03.18.10 — Picasso disembodied”


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    […] The original “Picasso disembodied” collage (and explanation) can be found here.????????? […]

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